Sales team United is a Commission Based Platforms Designed By Sales Individuals for The Perfect Sales Team!

How Does Our Service Work?

Sales Team United is a Commission Based Platforms Designed By Sales Individuals for The Perfect Sales Team! What makes us unique and different from other so called sales teams is we value our sales teams feed back and we believe in incentive’s vs limiting our team to a hourly rate that’s not enough to live on in 2019.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our Team with Projects that not only make them money but we all have fun working as a team! We love to build passion projects for our Team to make the most money. Possible short term or long term projects available. 

What Kind of commission Base Projects could I possibly make money with?

  • Video On Demand Service
  • Video Production Service
  • Video Streaming Service
  • Logo Design Projects
  • Social Media Projects
  • SEO Service Projects
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Cooking Projects
  • Gaming Projects
  • Fitness Projects
  • Music Projects

 This is just a few popular niches we offer services to our customers daily that generate the most income!

How Can I Apply to be apart of Sales Team United ?

Fill out the form above completely and be sure to do your best to make a good impression because your presentation is a reflection of your own self representation. We want to hand pick people we feel have an incredible personality to get deals done like a natural born Closer!

Our Goal

Our goal is to find the best of the best when it comes to a sales team on a local, national or global scale.

Our Objective

Build a Incredible Network of Go-Getters and Boss minded people that enjoy working together and closing a lot of sales deals. At the end of the day we are looking for long term team members that will ride or die with us through the good times as much as the bad times!

Our Expectation

Be at Your Best at all times and embrace your opportunity if selected. We all know in today’s day and age that, there are a lot of people who would love to be hand picked to be apart of a Sales Team that’s Disrupting the Corporate World Of Making Money in Moderation with a lot of aspiration collectively and such a out the box mentality that’s is so spontaneously fun and educational all in one!


  • Write compelling posts and run in up to 100 markets.
  • Search proprietary rep database for matching candidates and referrals.
  • Social networking, headhunting and other methods to find candidates.
  • Sales Directors recruit locally and follow up on resumes I send them.
  • Create a listing on our recruiting site with all the details of the position and direct candidates there.
  • SEO Service Projects
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Interview you and create an audio recording linked to your listing. Candidates gain insight and insider information about your company, people, products and position.
  • Interested reps submit an Application which syncs to our CRM system.
  • My recruiters do personal interviews with reps to qualify the rep.
  • Reps sign my Independent Contractor Agreement with explicitly indemnifies you.
  • Request ID and Social Security copies and a W9 form.
  • Create a Team Website for you with a Sales Policies guide, recorded training, scripts and more.


  • You provide product training and we record a live conference call.
  • I do initial and ongoing weekly sales training and record calls.


  • We hire professionals and expect them to show initiative.
  • Support is mainly deal closing advice or assistance on a commission-split basis with the Sales Director.
  • We recruit and train Sales Directors to provide first level support.

Our Story

We build commission B2B Sales Teams. I recruit sales directors in each major market and help them build a local team.  I provide directors with training and management support. We have a system that eliminates bad results. This gives us an advantage to recruit and retain reps. Imagine 50- 100 Project Managers with 10 to 20 really awesome sales reps each. An Super Sales Team to contact, engage and close every possible prospect

Project Requirements

I look for products that reps want to sell. The job must offer competitive commissions. Training and support must be available to help reps that are taking on a commission job at their own risk.


Most frequent questions and answers

We build sales teams and run them so platform owners could focus on developing products and operating their businesses more efficiently. You are unlikely to find any one person with our depth of experience because of the nature of my practice building Sales Team United every day.

By you being local you have to consider Your competition and know your market!

 If a client has a project that intrigues us we may offer to do an initial analysis to create a sales strategy and design a team structure with a built in Commission from 10% up to 50% per lead or sale.

We do have some modest fees to cover out-of-pocket expenses for services to be rendered. These cost are always paid upfront by the client we work with. We don’t win unless You Win. If they want a free sales team, I advise them to go to Craigslist.

All of the task listed below have to be done properly and fast:

>Screen reps to weed out the posers while selling the closers.

>Structure a killer commission-based pay plan for the reps and maintain margins.

>Show the reps our company, product, position, prospecting strategy and the future of Online Money.

>Provide a lot of resourceful tools to help our sales team make money.

>Lead the reps without managing them by helping them create and implement their own business plans.

We like more modern-day ways to engage customers or clients. To be honest we are open to both and will recommend whatever type of team can best reach and close your prospects. Phones sales is usually the best way to go since the reps can reach many more prospects per day. In-person visits are expensive and take up lots of selling time. Some high-end products justify this type of team, most don’t. Few companies encourage reps to visit since they operate lean with staff doing 2 or 3 jobs each. They don’t have time to waste or be on the phone. It is also much more difficult to recruit when the rep has to be in a certain area as opposed to phone sales where the reps can be anywhere.

We actually provide all the leads for our sales team to follow up with that we receive from our sister company that’s a lead generation company.

If you are marketing and generating inbound calls from prospects, I can set up a team to take the calls off a queue, assist prospects on product selection, close sales, and process orders. We can also do live-transfers from lead generation staff or a receptionist.

Yes. we recruit reps specifically to cover metro areas, states, and countries depending on what the client’s needs are.

Yes. We can establish a network of resellers and white labels in the U.S. or anywhere worldwide.

As many as we can find that are Quality Reps, we rather have a Small number with a big positive impact on our client customer feedback.

We have both commission and salary teams. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Any way you look at it commission jobs take longer to fill than salary. More reps will choose security and a chance to try a job out on your dime than do it at their risk and be forced to deliver.

We develop the criteria for acceptance together. Most reps have bachelor’s degrees. For technical products I look for education and work experience in engineering, science, computer science and so on. If you need MBAs, JDs, PhDs then that’s what we will find. Some positions allow for entry-level sales reps and for others we may want 5 or 10 years proven sales expertise. You could be a high school drop out if you have a personality and professionalism with a will to learn while you earn money with us we will work with you.

We will request skype or video interviews online so we can get to know everyone on our Sales Team!

With a virtual commission team you can recruit the best talent from a much wider area and can easily afford a larger team since the downside risks of salaries and office expenses are eliminated. Companies that insist on using expensive salary teams housed in expensive office space, with the overhead and liability that goes with it, are going to look around one day and find themselves out flanked and overrun by smarter nimbler competitors.

The situation is the same with outsourced IT, financial, manufacturing, engineering, design, and other services. You can do these in-house, but for every competitive advantage that you don’t pursue and your competitors do, you are that much closer to extinction.

This is a myth. I had a chance to definitively test this with a client in business for 37 years launching a new online product. The client wanted to test W2 salary reps working at their offices and IC commission-only reps working remotely. Every other variable was equal – training, support, territories. I recruited, trained and managed them equally. The IC team outperformed the W2 team by over 50%.

Why? Because the salary reps were comfortable and at low risk. The commission reps were hungry and at high risk. They reacted exactly as Maslow predicted.

As for job security, what rep gets terminated first if sales drop, the salary rep or commission rep?

You can keep them, fire them, or transfer them to me. They will be off salary and some or all of the overhead can be eliminated. Unless you won the hiring lottery, you probably have a manager that was never properly trained and is guessing at how to build a team. The best solution is to bring in an expert to create a virtual team while keeping your manager to be the liaison and support person for the team. This way you get the best of both worlds.

We have a systematic process to create winning teams. I have perfected this process over a 15 years period.

If you hired a sales manager or some reps, what guarantee do you get? You could pay out a fortune in salaries and get nothing, or a lot. Who knows? I look at sales forecasts the same way I look at weather reports or predictions for the economy. I never promise to hit certain arbitrary goals for the simple fact that I can’t predict the future. I can only predict that if I take you on as a client you will get my best efforts, and that my friend, is a lot.

We have a systematic process to create winning teams. I have perfected this process over a 15 years period.

I offer my services on a month-to-month term. If we are both happy we go forward. You aren’t obligated or forced to keep me on. I invest my time, expertise, infrastructure, contacts and more on the hope that I gain from commissions on sales. You could cancel just as things start to pay off for me. My bet is you won’t want to. I build a team for your company that you own. I could start my own business and in fact I have. You get the upside that results from my success. I get asked to put skin in the game. If the above doesn’t convince you that indeed I do then you will have the opportunity to do it yourself.

If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster. If you already had the customers, you would not need a sales team. An entrepreneur by definition takes risk. It’s not what you build that matters, it’s what you can sell. I know how to sell. I know how to recruit, train, and manage reps to sell. If your product is salable, we will sell it. If not, you will be best served by finding that out early rather than later. I can walk my talk but I can’t walk on water. If anybody says they can guarantee sales, ask them if they think Connor Mc Begger could really Beat Khabib “The Eagle”?

What exactly is control? Many entrepreneurs, especially those with technical backgrounds and MBAs, seem obsessed with metrics. Sure you can time calls and compute ratios until your spreadsheet spontaneously combusts. But can you quantify enthusiasm? Or perseverance? Or the fact that the rep simply must succeed for his own personal reasons?

Reps either want to sell or they don’t. It doesn’t matter much if they sit in a cubicle down the hall and make calls or work from home across the country. They will sell or make excuses. Stay or quit. If they are making money, treated well, trained effectively and see a good future they tend to stay. If not, they don’t. Sure a salary is nice. And benefits. But if they don’t see a real upside, and do see a better job, they will be gone.

The best reps want the upside that comes with taking on some risk. They actually prefer commission-only gigs. How do I know this? Because that was me as a rep and we have hired 100’s of others.

Perhaps most important, they must believe. In you, your company, product, support team, your entire organization. And in me.

As far as outsourcing goes, you ultimately rely on others for every job function, whether they are called employees, contractors, or vendors. You select the best and run with it.

Do you want a nebulous concept like control, or lots of very real sales with very little risk? Look at the potential sales gain by having a larger better performing team. Consider what you could do with all that time and money by investing it in product and growing your business infrastructure. Be sure to go over this with your CFO. Build a spreadsheet and crunch some numbers. If it makes sense, call me.


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